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Diet Plan for Patients in Tuscaloosa

Bariatric Health and Wellness aims to take the confusion out of healthy eating. There are thousands of diet supplements and just as many diet books on the market today, but most of them offer programs that won't work for your body, your lifestyle or your personality. If you're ready to trade the gimmicks for a healthy food plan that delivers results without deprivation, our bariatric diet will give you clear guidelines for success.

Our healthy eating plan walks you through three vital phases of weight loss. Phase one is designed for effective weight loss and is easy to follow with the use of our delicious meal replacements and a few grocery items of your choosing. The second phase will gradually reintroduce more grocery items into your life, moving you toward the final maintenance phase. By the time you reach that final phase, you will have the confidence, tools and knowledge needed to maintain a healthy body weight for the rest of your life.