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Digestive Cleanse for Bariatric Dieters

Most people take dietary supplements in order to maintain overall health rather than to make up for a lack of necessary nutrients from food. At Bariatric Health and Wellness, we are committed to offering products and diet plans promoting a healthy lifestyle through a combination of diet and exercise. In order to keep you living healthy inside and out, Dr. Morgan has specifically formulated Cleanse Smart Dietary Supplement, a cleansing complex with colon cleanser and other probiotic blends to help keep your intestinal tract clear and functioning normally.

All of the different foods we consume day to day can really put the digestive system through the ringer. That’s why we recommend a regular cleanse - so it can continue to function at its best. Cleanse Smart has a pure and natural formula, eliminating toxins and build-up throughout the intestinal tract to better equip your body to more easily digest and absorb the nutrients it needs. Our formula consists of ingredients that have been proven to work based on patient results.

Aside from its full intestinal tract cleansing properties, Cleanse Smart Dietary Supplement also supports enhanced energy, allowing you to pursue a more active lifestyle in conjunction with a healthy diet. Especially for those looking to lose weight, it is important to combine diet and exercise in order to see results and this dietary supplement helps to facilitate just that.

Each container offers a month’s supply of supplements with 15 Cleanse Packets containing two capsules each and 30 probiotic blend capsules. Our primary mission is to encourage people to live healthy and stay healthy, and we know that your body will thank you with this specially designed formula.