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About Us

We're proud of the program at Bariatric Health & Wellness because our diet was designed with the knowledge that all weight loss is not created equal. Bariatric Health & Wellness’s weight loss meal replacement plans have helped thousands of patients lose over 130,000 collective pounds in the seven years since we’ve opened our doors.

Our patron, Dr. John Morgan, M.D., has seen over 20,000 patients in his time advocating and practicing weight loss. Meal replacement programs, exercise, and determination is what Dr. Morgan attributes to weight loss. The guiding principle Dr. Morgan stresses to his patients is accountability.

We’re not in the business of quick fixes. You probably wouldn’t expect a quick fix to work on your car. So, why would it work on your body? We can provide you with the resources you need to get the body you want.

We offer a range of programs for our clients. The wide variety of tasty meals that we carry can be enjoyed at our facility, along with accompanying therapy, or remotely by ordering online. We’ll find the meal plan that best fits your lifestyle and combine it with behavioral therapy and exercise. It’s our professional opinion that no combination of treatments are as effective or long lasting. We understand that it may not always be easy to stay on track and dieting can be difficult. Come to Bariatric Health & Wellness and let us help you stick to your goal - weight loss! Meal replacement plans and exercise will help you stay on track to your ideal weight!

You just have to make the decision to make a positive change, and put in the work. If you’re ready for a healthier body and mind, Bariatric Health & Wellness is for you.

Bariatric Specialists are standing by to answer your questions. Feel free to email or call us at 205-397-8856.