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  • 6 Helpful Health and Fitness Apps

    Utilize the power of technology to help meet your fitness goals. Here are six of our favorite health and fitness apps to keep you on track.
  • Brain Benefits

    How does exercise affect your brain? From developing better mobility and heart health to weight loss and strength, exercise is recommended for everyone!
  • Exercise & Intelligence

    Exercise produces irsin, a hormone you've likely never heard of. It helps you burn fat even after you've stopped exercising, which is already great news. But did you know if can also protect from neurodegeneration?
  • Great Cold-Weather Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

    The cold weather makes it easy to justify staying inside, curling up in front of the fire, putting a movie on the TV – and avoiding exercising. Here are some ways to beat the cold-weather blues and burn fat while Jack Frost is knocking on the door.
  • Low-Impact Cardio Activities Anyone Can Do This Summer

    Anyone at any fitness level can fill their summer with fun, low-impact cardio activities, which burn calories and carry less risk of injury. Best of all, you can involve friends, kids, and grandkids in your outdoor fitness activities. Here are some ideas you can try this summer.
  • Top 4 Stretches For Better Sleep

    Here we present you with four relaxing stretching techniques, which can be used to promote muscles health and prevent muscles from tightening or shortening. Most importantly, these stretches will help you unwind and get ready for a night of well-needed restorative sleep.