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Exercise Blogs
Exercise is one critical component of maintaining a healthy weight and sustaining longterm life habits. Our exercise blogs will help you develop an active lifestyle to improve strength, flexibility and circulation - all important pieces for staying on the road to your long and healthy life.

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Food Blogs
Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Our pre-packaged bariatric foods are the best solution for quick weight loss because they take the guess work out of shopping, calorie counting and balancing your macronutrients. We're here to help you take a deeper dive into your relationship with food with blogs about nutrition, food myths, food dos & don'ts and more!

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Product Blogs
We carry a wide range of products for serious weight loss. And we're serious about taste, too. We know that weight loss isn't sustainable when you're swapping your favorite snacks for crunchy greens. That's why we offer not just meals and meal replacements, but also a variety of sweet and salty foods you already like. Take a deep dive into some of our favorites with our selection of product spotlight blogs.

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Lifestyle Blogs
Weight loss can be a mixed bag of ups and downs. With so much misinformation out there, it's easy to get caught meandering down the wrong path and develop a toxic relationship with foods, exercise and even yourself. We're here to support you at every step of your weight loss journey, and that also means helping you find inspiration from a different perspective.

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Diet Blogs
Weight loss is a multi-faceted beast, and sticking to a diet that works with you and for you will be critical to your success. We support a well-rounded approach to dieting and pride ourselves in offering our clients and the general public information that's safe and effective for bariatric weight loss.

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