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Healthy Food Meal Plan

Learning how to eat healthy sounds like such a simple task, but it's one that millions of people struggle with from generation to generation. You're surrounded by delicious food that you've enjoyed most of your life, and it is a mental struggle to turn down those foods in favor of options with superior nutritional profiles. If you're ready to reach your goals and live healthily after gastric bypass surgery, Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama has developed a bariatric diet to simplify weight loss and maintenance.

What is a bariatric diet? This is the type of diet recommended for any patient who has received gastric bypass surgery. Your stomach is now smaller, and you need to eat nutritious foods that allow you to lose weight efficiently and healthfully. The three-phase diet plan offered by Brookwood Medical Group will get you to your ideal weight with the knowledge and skills needed for a lifetime of maintenance.

Phase I: Weight Reduction

The guiding principle behind each of our individualized weight loss programs is a structured Protein Sparing Modified Fasting Diet. The protocol for the Phase 1 of the PSMF diet is outlined in 7 simple steps, found here.

Phase II: Realimentation

Once you are within 5 pounds of your goal weight, we will gradually reintroduce grocery foods back in to your diet under our professional supervision as part of the second phase of the diet, called Realimentation. This phase lasts for four weeks.

Phase III: Maintenance

The third phase of the Protein Sparing Modified Fasting diet is called the Free Lifetime Maintenance Phase and involves continued counseling on dietary recommendations, exercise, and building new, healthier relationships with food.