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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide leading products, resources and services during every step of your weight loss and hormone management journey. At 1020 Wellness, Your Health is Our Priority.

About John M. Morgan, MD

John M. Morgan, MD recently celebrated delivering more than 10,000 babies over his 38 years of practicing medicine here in Birmingham. Reflecting on his career, he shared how blessed he feels to have such a unique perspective on how God is at work in the miracle of birth. Morgan says he will miss this aspect of his work going forward, but also looks forward to continuing to practice medicine at Brookwood Women’s Health, P.C. by helping women in the many other interesting areas of their health, including hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Morgan shares that he has seen how hormone replacement therapy has helped his older patients going through menopause but also many younger women. “Classically we would treat menopausal ladies. They hit 51 years older and start missing their periods, have hot flashes, night sweats, can’t’ sleep, anxious, depressed. However, we then found out that some women in their thirties, they will have a testosterone deficiency and they have benefited very well from treatment.” Dr. Morgan adds that today his patients have multiple options when it comes to the form of hormone replacement therapy treatment including oral medication, creams, patches and bioidentical pellets. The pellet is put underneath the skin, about the size of a piece of rice, and it lasts for three or four months, and I have seen patients do very well with that.”

Dr. Morgan is also considered a pioneer in robotic surgery and is one of the busiest robotic surgeons at Brookwood Medical Center, one of the top five percent of robotic centers in the U.S.. He is also a diplomate of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and is published in The American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.

Click to watch an in-depth interview with Dr. Morgan: https://youtu.be/7zmxPspz-u4?feature=shared