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Bariatricdirect and 1020 Wellness are not responsible for abuse or misuse of information or products or failure to follow prescribed protocols. This information or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace the advice of a qualified medical professional. You should consult a physician before beginning any weight Loss program. Before beginning any weight loss program, be sure to check with your physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have health problems, are under the age of 18, or intend to lose more than 30 pounds or 15% of your starting weight. Rapid weight loss without medical supervision by a qualified physician trained in Bariatric Medicine may be associated with health problems. Products and programs that are not medically monitored by a physician trained in Bariatric Medicine that claim more than 2 pounds a week are generally unrealistic, dangerous, and unproven.Bariatricdirect and 1020 Wellnessoffer medically supervised treatments by physicians that are trained in Bariatric Medicine and Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine for safe, proven, and realistic weight losses greater than 2 pounds per week at their clinic in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If any of the following applies to you these products and information are absolutely contraindicated and should never be used; [Chronic use of Illicit Drugs, Addiction, Alcoholism, or Substance abuse] [Severe liver disease] [Severe kidney disease] [Active cancer] [Unstable angina] [Active peptic ulcer disease] [Type I diabetes] [Heart attack ] [Recent or recurrent cardiovascular accident, or stroke and or transient ischemic attacks] [Pregnancy or Lactation] [Bulimia Nervosa] [Severe Psychiatric Disturbance] [Chronic use of corticosteroid therapy] [Active Thrombophlebitis]