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Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting Diet Phase I: Weight Reduction

The guiding principle behind each of Bariatric Health & Wellness’s individualized weight loss programs is a structured Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting (PSMF) diet. This easily modified fasting meal plan will give you the results you want without taking over your life. The protocol for the PSMF phase 1 diet plan is outlined in seven simple steps below:

  1. Women choose any five meal replacements; men choose any six meal replacements. Why? Click here for the details.
  2. Drink 96 ounces of water each day (that’s 12 cups). Why? Click here for the details.
    • You may add sugar-free flavors, as long as they are 5 calories or less (Crystal Light, sugar-free Kool-Aid, MiO).
  3. Take our Potassium Dietary Supplement (595 mg) and our Health Smart Dietary Supplement each day. Why? Click here for the details.
  4. For the first four days, eat two to four pickle spears or drink one to two servings of bouillon. Why? Click here for details.
  5. In addition to the five or six meal replacements you eat each day, you may also have a few "freebies" from your pantry. Why? Click here for the details.
    • Five saltine crackers (or 60 calories of oyster crackers or saltine minis) OR two to three Bariatric Health & Wellness Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Fudge Biscotti.
    • One yogurt (60 calories or less - Dannon Light & Fit, Fiber One or Activia Light, to name a few) OR 1/2 cup of skim milk
    • Chicken, beef or vegetable bouillon soup (one to two servings)
    • Sugar-Free Jell-O (two to three servings)
    • Dill pickle spears (two to four servings)
  6. Weigh in weekly at the Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham. Why? Click here for details.
  7. Visit www.bariatricdirect.com to purchase your weekly meal replacements.

Our PSMF diet weight loss plan really is as easy as it looks! Any five or six meal replacements of your choice, 96 ounces of water, a potassium supplement, a multivitamin and a few grocery freebies! No counting calories, carbs or points - we've taken all the guesswork and confusing steps out of the equation and have you covered on meal prep for this first phase of the bariatric diet with our convenient meal replacement options! Start feeling better and looking your best today. Let us help! Call 205-397-8850.

**We encourage you to make an appointment for our FREE CONSULTATION here in Birmingham before beginning the program. All of our patients will undergo a physical examination with Dr. Morgan, an EKG and routine lab work consisting of a CBC, Chem 24, lipid profile, liver enzyme function and thyroid panel. You will also complete an in-depth orientation class where you learn how to do the program and receive a starter bag with two weeks’ worth of samples of our most popular meal replacements. Please call 205-397-8850 to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION or to make an appointment to get started today!

**If you are a current patient of Dr. Morgan's at Brookwood Women's Health, click here.

**Discounted parking tickets ($1.50) may be purchased in the cashier’s office of the main hospital. The cashier’s office is located beside the Starbucks and the gift shop in the main lobby at Brookwood Hospital.