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Should You Eat Before Bed?
We're finally answering this burning question and the answer is well... complicated. Learn why and what you should and shouldn't eat when the late-night cravings strike.

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Why Losing Weight Isn’t Just for Looks
Losing weight isn't just about how you look. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can reduce your risk of contracting diseases as well as improve your emotional and mental wellness. Learn more about the many benefits of weight loss that are more than skin-deep!

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The Right Amount of Water for Weight Loss
Learn how much water you really need to be drinking each day to stay healthy and support you on your journey to weight loss!

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How To Create Healthy Habits
Getting rid of bad habits is no easy task. The key? Tapping into the "why" so you can understand your relationship to the bad habit and change it for good. Learn more about how to create healthy habits here!

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Natural Energy Boosters
Nearly 50 percent of Americans report that they're too tired to function at work. Contributing factors include stress, inadequate sleep, a difficult work schedule and poor lifestyle habits. Boost your energy naturally starting with the factors you have control over: what you put into your body & what you do with it!

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How to Stay Committed to Losing Weight
Resolving to eat less sweets or reduce your sugar intake and lose weight for an entire year can feel daunting and unrealistic unless your lifestyle already supports those behaviors. Losing weight is something most of us constantly need to work at to avoid the bad habits that brought us here in the first place. The most successful weight loss strategies involve being fully committed to losing weight and giving yourself realistic goals to hit along the way.

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Bariatric Surgery & Hormones: How They Affect Each Other
Bariatric surgery is a medical option for those who have not been able to lose weight with other methods. In addition to weight loss, it may have an impact on your hormones and on health conditions caused by hormone imbalances.

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