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4 Healthy DIY Breakfast Smoothie Ideas
If you feel like you're in a smoothie rut then check out these 4 new smoothie recipes that are sure to freshen up your routine!

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5 Ways To Stay on The Weight Loss Train
Making the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle is easy. Staying with it? Not so much. Learn five ways to stick with your weight loss goals as your motivations starts to decline.

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Water & Weight Loss
We're mostly water, so it's probably not going to surprise you when we tell you that you should be drinking more of it.

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PSMF Diet Phases
Diets can cause more harm than good, but unlike indiscriminate calorie restriction, the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast Diet is designed to prevent muscle loss by focusing heavily on protein consumption with carefully calculated fat & carb restriction. Learn more about this diet's three phases when you lose weight with Bariatric Direct.

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Reintroducing Foods After PSMF
A careful and calculated reintroduction of foods is critical your safety and to long-term weight loss success. After completing the PSMF diet, foods must be reintroduced gradually and in an order that your body can tolerate. This four-week plan outlines which foods and how much of them you can reintroduce after extreme weight loss.

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Quick Tips for Weight Loss
Losing weight poses its own set of challenges. Many of us have been here before and the fear of failure is real. Here are some tips you can put in your pocket for later, to help start paving the road for your weight loss success!

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How to Eat Healthy at Restaurants
Everyone loves going out to dinner. No cooking, no cleaning, fun with friends – the perks are numerous. But some of these perks (i.e., the giant portions and bottomless bread baskets) aren’t great for your waistline. It’s hard to eat out and eat healthy, but it’s not impossible. You can still enjoy a night out to dinner without stressing about the scale.

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How to Keep Your Diet on Track While Traveling
With warmer months around the corner, you may be gearing up for some well-deserved vacation days. Whether sunny beaches, thrilling mountains, exciting new cities or a quiet retreat awaits you, this may be the moment of weakness that leads you to cave on your diet.

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3 Essential Tips for Weight Loss
When it comes to weight loss, it's best to keep it as simple as possible. The easier your diet plan is, the more likely you will stick to it. While this post was originally intended to be a New Year's blog to help readers stick with their weight loss resolutions, we've converted into a timeless advice blog for those who want simple ideas to keep with their diet plan.

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5 Healthy Substitutions You Can Make to Your Diet
Dramatic changes can be produced from small changes that are applied consistently over time. One example of this would be substituting certain foods for others in your regular diet. When these substitutions have fewer calories and greater nutritional content, the benefits to your overall health and wellness can add up quickly.

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Healthy Snacks for Your Summer Road Trip
When you’re trying to eat healthily and provide healthy snacks for your family, road trip snack hauls can be a weakness - but they don’t have to be. With a little planning and prep, eating healthily while driving to Grandma’s house can be just as easy as eating well at home! Read below for our best practice tips on healthy road trip snacks this summer.

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4 Healthy On-the-Go Lunch Ideas
Making sure that you’re eating right when you’re in a hurry can seem like an impossible task. However, no matter how much of a rush you may be in, it’s important not only to remember to eat but also to eat healthy. Grabbing a bag of chips or a donut every once in a while can be okay, but doing it on a regular basis will take a toll on your health.

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