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PSMF Diet Phases
Diets can cause more harm than good, but unlike indiscriminate calorie restriction, the Protein-Sparing Modified Fast Diet is designed to prevent muscle loss by focusing heavily on protein consumption with carefully calculated fat & carb restriction. Learn more about this diet's three phases when you lose weight with Bariatric Direct.

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Reintroducing Foods After PSMF
A careful and calculated reintroduction of foods is critical your safety and to long-term weight loss success. After completing the PSMF diet, foods must be reintroduced gradually and in an order that your body can tolerate. This four-week plan outlines which foods and how much of them you can reintroduce after extreme weight loss.

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Quick Tips for Weight Loss
Losing weight poses its own set of challenges. Many of us have been here before and the fear of failure is real. Here are some tips you can put in your pocket for later, to help start paving the road for your weight loss success!

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