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Phase 3 of The PSFM Diet: Maintenance

Phase 3 of the Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting diet is the Free Lifetime Maintenance phase. This portion of our program is the final and most important phase. Patients who have remained actively involved in a supervised weight maintenance program have achieved 100 percent success in keeping their weight off. Whether you reach this phase of the diet six months after bariatric surgery or it takes you a few years, you’ve made it so far and are well-prepared for a lifetime of health!

In the 18 months that follow your bariatric diet, you'll confront the inevitable hurdles to weight loss: holidays, vacations, stressors, etc. We know you are human and understand these things can lead to weight regain. That’s why, to help you maintain the results from the PSFM diet, our bariatric specialists will continue to counsel you on dietary recommendations, exercise and building new, healthier relationships with food. We measure our success by your ability to maintain your goal weight long after you've graduated from our program. We make sure you are equipped with the right information to re-enter a world full of temptations and confusing choices. Long-term dieting with the Protein-Sparing Modified Fasting program is truly the most effective, lasting way to stay true to yourself. Reaching your goal is not the end of our relationship - it's just the beginning!