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The guiding principle behind each of our individualized weight loss programs is a structured Protein Sparing Modified Fasting Diet. The protocol for the Phase 1 of the PSMF diet is outlined in 7 simple steps below:

1.Women choose any 5 meal replacements, men choose any 6 meal replacements. Why? Click here for the details.

- All items except Fulfill Mixed Fruit Drink, Fulfill Iced Tea, Fulfill Bouillon Chicken Flavored Soup,

Chocolate Fudge Biscotti, Chocolate Chip Biscotti, and the Lemon and Chocolate Chews are considered meal


2. Drink 96 ounces of water each day. Why? Click here for the details.

- You may add sugar-free flavors as long as they are 5 calories or less. (Crystal Light, Sugar-free Kool Aid, Mio)

3. Take our Potassium (595 mg) and Health Smart Dietary Supplement each day. Why? Click here for the details.

4. For the first 4 days, eat 2-4 pickle spears or drink 1-2 servings of bouillon. Why? Click here for details.

5. In addition to the 5 or 6 meal replacements you eat each day, you may also have a few "freebies" from your pantry. Why? Click here for the details.

- 5 Saltine Crackers (or 60 calories of Oyster Crackers or Saltine Mini's) OR 2-3 Bariatric Health & Wellness

Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Fudge Biscotti

- Yogurt (60 calories or less - Dannon Light & Fit, Fiber One, or Activia Light to name a few) OR 1/2 cup of skim


- Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable Bouillon Soup (1-2 servings)

- Sugar-free Jello (2-3 servings)

- Dill pickle spears (2-4 servings)

6. Pick a day of the week to weigh in at home - date it and write it down. Why? Click here for details.

7. Purchase your weekly meal replacements online right here. We recommend beginning the diet with a 2, 4, or 8 week Starter Kit. Why? Click here for details.

Our diet really is as easy as it looks! Any 5 or 6 meal replacements of your choice, 96 oz of water, a potassium supplement, a multi-vitamin, and a few grocery freebies! No counting calories, carbs, or points - we'e taken all the guesswork and confusing steps out of the equation. Start feeling better and looking your best today. Let us help!