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Bariatric Health & Wellness 4-Week Starter Kit

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Our Price $250.00

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Are you ready for real weight loss?

The Bariatric Health & Wellness 4 Week Starter Kit has everything you need to achieve your weight loss goals! It includes a tasty assortment of shakes, soups, entrees, bars, and snacks perfect for a well balanced and delicious diet. Paired with either our aggressive or moderate online weight loss program, this starter kit is ideal for both women and men who want to lose weight in a rapid, but safe and healthy manner. Our starter kits are also great for established patients and customers who want the best value and variety we can offer!

What's included? 168 Meal Replacements (10-15g protein, 7 Servings/box)

Vegetarian Chili with BeansNacho Cheese Pasta
Sloppy Joe Spaghetti with Sauce
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup Beef & Bean Enchilada - Single Serve Entree
Spaghetti & Meatballs - Single Serve Entree Beef Stew - Single Serve Entree
Macaroni & Cheese (Free Box) Cheesecake Pudding
Chocolate Pudding & Shake Mix Vanilla Pudding & Shake Mix
Marshmallow Hot Cocoa Tropical Fruit Concentrate Drink
Strawberry Creme Smoothie Pancakes
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cocoberry Cereal
Chewy Variety Crispy Variety
Crisp n Crunch 15g Variety Variety Snack Pack
Chocolate Soy Puffs Vanilla Rice Crispy
Salty Sampler: (2 of each) Pretzels, BBQ Crunch, Pizza Crunch, Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch, Ranch Crunch, Sour Cream & Onion Crunch O's, BBQ Crunch O's, Honey Mustard Double Bites, Cheddar Double Bites, Krinkle Dill Pickle, Krinkle Sweet BBQ.

You will also receive:

32 oz. BHW Water Bottle
16 oz. BHW Shaker Cup
30 day supply of Potassium
30 day supply of Bari-Vit Multivitamin
Daily Food & Weight Tracker
Meal Replacement Product List

Recommended items not included in this package:

Weight Smart Dietary Supplement

**Please note: Consult your physician before starting any diet program. If you opt to do a Protein Sparing Modified Fasting diet (PSMF) or a liquid diet lower than 1000 calories, you should be supervised and monitored by a physician.**